About this Survey

The Houston Health Department is collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rice University, and Baylor College of Medicine to conduct a voluntary antibody testing survey to understand how many people in the city were previously infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Teams consisting of Houston Health Department staff and Houston Fire Department paramedics will visit randomly selected homes across Houston, asking household members to answer survey questions and provide a blood sample. Phase one is set to take place Sept. 8-24, with phase two starting in the winter of 2021.

Only homes approached by the teams are eligible to participate, and participation is voluntary. The teams will be identifiable by their Better. Together. shirts.

The survey will identify people infected in the past with COVID-19 by the presence of antibodies, proteins the body’s immune system makes to fight infections. Antibody testing does not replace oral or nasal swab viral testing that looks for current infection, available at free sites across Houston.

Better. Together.

The Houston Health Department’s Better. Together. (Todos juntos. Mejor.) COVID-19 public health education campaign reminds Houstonians that we must work together to overcome the virus and this survey is an opportunity help.

Graphic reading "Find out if you had COVID-19."

Your Participation is Important

By choosing to participate, you will provide vital information on who has been exposed to the virus in the past.

Our goal is to better understand COVID-19 in order to mitigate its spread. Having as much information as possible about the prevalence of exposure to the COVID-19 will help in making decisions about public health measures.

Spread the Word

The following toolkit serves as a guide for outreach when speaking to communities about the survey. This document contains general information about the survey, with key messages, fast facts, sample social media content, relevant URLs and hashtags for your use.