The Houston Health Department partners with other agencies to offer free COVID-19 testing across the City of Houston. Each agency may have its own process for providing COVID-19 test results. This page is updated as new information becomes available. 

U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS)

  • People tested at the HHS sites at Kingwood Park Community Center and Darrell Tully Stadium receive an email when results are available via the eTrueNorth (eTN) portal, whether registration occurred online or on-site.
  • Inquiries about results from HHS sites should be directed to 800-635-8611.

Houston Health Department (HHD)

  • People tested at Delmar Stadium receive results via a letter in the mail and an email from Baylor Genetics, if an email address was provided.
  • People tested by the HHD mobile testing team receive results via a phone call from the health department. Following three phone attempts, results are mailed.
  • If you were tested at Delmar Stadium or by the HHD mobile testing team, you may call the department’s COVID-19 Call Center at 832-393-4220 with questions about results.

Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM)

  • TDEM uses several different contracted testing providers each of whom has their own process for reporting results. To identify the correct provider, you may need to look up the site on
  • A link to access test results is provided via the email address and text message number provided during registration, whether registration occurred online or on-site.
  • Questions about TDEM results may be directed to or 1-844-778-2455.

United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC)

  • Test results are provided by phone call or text message.
  • Inquiries about UMMC test results should be directed to 1-866-333-COVID (1-866-333-2684).

  • Visit our COVID-19 testing page to find current testing sites, schedules, and how to register. 
  • No matter where you were tested, if you test positive and live in Houston, a Houston Health Department contact tracer will reach out by text message, email or phone call.
  • Your results are required to be shared with the local health department for the community where you live. If you live outside of the City of Houston, your local health department may follow up with you to conduct contact tracing if you test positive.