How to Donate

Financial donations still continue to be the preferred way of assisting survivors of the catastrophic flooding that occurred in our city. However, there is a need for medical supplies (not medications or services) as well as other items.

Those wishing to donate medical supplies should contact SETRAC by emailing

As part of the joint City/County Donations Management Plan,  donations drop-off points have been opened for residents who wish to donate in-kind, or individuals who need to access these donations:

These locations are available at

Residents who wish to help survivors should remember that only usable items should be donated.  Donating materials that are worn-out, unwashed, or serve little purpose for the immediate needs of survivors may delay the sorting and distribution process.

If you are able to donate the following, please drop them off at designated locations:

  • Food: Unexpired, non-perishable and easy-to-make
  • Water: Bottled water with the safety seal intact
  • Children’s Supplies: Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, diaper rash cream (in their original, unopened packaging) and cribs, playpens, car seats (new or gently used condition), and toys.
  • Clothing: New or gently used, and seasonally-appropriate. (e.g. shirts, pants, socks, shoes.) Only new undergarments will be accepted.
  • Equipment: Items that can be used to assist in the emergency response and immediate relief phase – such as power tools, ladders, chainsaws, fans, etc.
  • Supplies: Cleaning supplies (e.g. bleach, sponges, mops, N95 filtration masks, gloves, buckets,) chairs, and tables
  • Materials:  Building materials (e.g. sheetrock, plywood, and lumber)
  • Toys: Only new or clean, gently-used toys will be accepted (e.g. books, board games, battery-operated games)
  • Furniture: Only furniture in clean and usable condition
  • Bedding: New bedding (sheets, pillows, comforters, etc.) in unopened packages are preferred

Individuals, companies and organizations that wish to donate monetarily or in-kind can contact the Donations Management hotline at

(800) 924-5985

between the hours of 6:00am – Midnight to ask questions about making donations.