Report Storm Damage to Houston 311

The City of Houston Office of Emergency Management is asking any residents to report flooding or debris in City roadways.  By letting us know, we can get crews out to either help barricade or drain flooded areas, and clear roadways to get traffic moving again.

Reporting Flooding

What qualifies as structural flooding?

If water which rose from the street, drainage canal, creek, or bayou or other body of water made entry into a structure, causing water to partially or wholly inundate the structure.

What does not qualify as structural flooding?

Water which came up to a fence, driveway or backyard, but did not enter the structure.

Reporting Debris/Trees

What to report

Report debris or trees that are in City streets or on City sidewalks.  The City is not responsible for removing debris on private property, including in parking lots. That should be done by the property owner.

How do I report?

You can report damage in one of three ways:

  • Call 3-1-1 (713.837-0311)
  • Visit and file a report online
  • Download the Houston 311 app for iOS and Android and make the report