BARC Statement Regarding Displaced Families and Pets

BARC has been receiving inquiries about where to take pets if their owners are displaced.

BARC stresses if you are forced to leave your home, please ensure you take your pets with you. There are a couple of locations that are providing shelter for residents and pets.

  • M.O. Campbell Center located at 1865 Aldine Bender Rd, Houston, TX 77032.   A BARC employee is there helping to check in pets as they arrive to the location with their families.
  • Additionally, we are working to send BARC employees to the George R. Brown Convention Center (1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX 77002) where the City recently opened a shelter. We will check animals in as they arrive with their families.

Please be sure to bring a crate, leash, pet food and any other items that will ensure your pet’s safety during your stay at the shelter.”