TXDOT Officials Urge Motorists to Stay Off Roads

HOUSTON – Motorists are urged to avoid traveling in current conditions.  The roadway network is inundated with water and not safe for travel.  TxDOT is presently reporting more than 200 locations* affected by high water on Texas highways and frontage roads around the Houston district; not including conditions on local streets.

The Houston area has experienced 18 inches or more of rainfall from Tropical Storm Harvey overnight and our system is taking on record amounts of water throughout the six-county area.  Additionally, our area is forecasted to continue to receive increasing rainfall amounts over the next couple of days.

Citizens are encouraged to stay out of harm’s way by not getting on the roads today.  “Please shelter in place.  First responders are working diligently to address motorists already in distressed situations and we need everyone to do their part to help keep our roadways safe.  Please stay off the roadways.” said Quincy Allen, TxDOT Houston District Engineer.

Any travel should be reserved strictly for emergency purposes.  Motorists deciding to venture out, should be certain to drive to conditions and never drive into high water.  “Standing water as shallow as 6 inches can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.  We cannot over emphasize the importance of the message to Turn Around; Don’t Drown.”

For media inquiries, contact TxDOT Houston District Public Information Office at (713) 802-5076.

*A full listing of high water locations can be found at www.drivetexas.org or http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/roadclosures/#highwater.